Upcoming Exhibitions

Open Studios Cornwall

Saturday 25th May to Saturday 2nd June 2019
Exhibition open 10am to 4pm / closed Sundays

Visit us at Grays Wharf where a number of artists based here are taking part in Open Studios:

Otis Blease
Katie Bunnell
Jon Doran
Oliver Raymond-Barker
Hannah Woodman

Work will also be on show in our gallery.

Find out when each artist will open their studio here.

Previous Exhibitions

Opening Group Exhibition

9th November to 22nd December 2018

Rosanna Martin, Metic, 2015. Coloured porcelain, copper glaze, bone china, found metal.

This inaugural exhibition features the work of eight talented artists who took up residence at Grays Wharf earlier this year.

Behind closed doors a great diversity of practice takes place here. From global documentary photography and illustration to fine art painting and contemporary ceramics at the forefront of digital research, all the participants are internationally exhibited and hugely experienced in their field. This exhibition celebrates not only their work, but also their leap of faith in bringing their expertise to a part derelict building with only the vague promise of a professional venue from which to work.

Although the tenants occupy a range of disciplines, this exhibition reveals some intriguing threads that link their work. The scrutinised geologies of Rosanna Martin’s Fragments series seem expanded through a wider lens in Hannah Woodman’s sweeping rocky seascapes, while Jon Doran’s ambiguous forms in misty landscapes echo the abstracting of nature found in Oliver Raymond-Barker’s photographic prints. The graphic playfulness of Katie Bunnell’s ceramics, Jessie Higginson’s screen-prints and David Doran’s illustrations belie the intricate processes required to give us this illusion of spontaneity, while illusion is cleverly employed by Guy Martin’s ‘Parallel State’ photographic series to explore the conflation between fiction and reality in a much more turbulent context.

This exhibition reveals some of the various and complex methods involved in producing such impressive work.

What all the exhibitors have in common is a commitment to their practice that sees them constantly testing its limits. Even the most established professionals need time to experiment, discover, perfect or fail and a large part of the reason for establishing Grays Wharf was to provide contemplative spaces and a community of practitioners in which to do this.

Exhibiting Artists

Katie Bunnell
David Doran
Jon Doran
Jessie Higginson
Guy Martin
Rosanna Martin
Oliver Raymond-Barker
Hannah Woodman